Chiefdoms are foragers usually egalitarian and

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Unformatted text preview: ocieties, characterized by the political office of the chief, use redistribution. State societies agriculture, industry, or a post industrial service economy…. a stratified society that uses a market economy Social Control and Conflict Management required for a society to maintain itself the internalization of norms and values how are we taught to internalize norms and values? identification and punishment of Deviants deviants are those who transgress society’s rules Social Control Ways societies deal with abnormal behavior and conflict: Gossip and ridicule Fear of witchcraft accusations good for individuals with “malicious” intent (or just women who have traditionally asserted their opinions) Avoidance work because most people value the esteem of others effective in dealing with social deviance Supernatural sanctions works for people who are condescending or have a temper Law Law is found in every society. In complex societies, functions of law belong to legal institutions, such as courts. Law addresses conflicts that would otherwise disrupt...
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