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Unformatted text preview: ing they need to freely cross the border to visit friends and relatives, take their children to school and visit religious sites. They also have concerns about the wall’s restricting the free range of deer, horses, coyotes, jackrabbits and other. Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? The Tohono O’odham cooperate with the US border patrol and the Department of Homeland Security in patroling the border. The federal government is the trustee of all Indian lands and could build the fence through the reservation without tribal permission. This would jeopardize the help that the Tohono O’odham now gives the government. Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? You decide: Do you think human movement between states should be free and unrestricted? Why or why not? If you believe that there should be restriction of immigration, how would you determine an appropriate immigration policy for the United States. Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? You decide: To what extent do you believe that rhetoric against immigrants from Mexcio is a form of racism? What solutions do you sugge...
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