Twopoliticalprocessesinvolvingconflict rebellion the

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Unformatted text preview: attempt of one group to reallocate power and resources within an existing political structure ex. the American Revolution began as a rebellion, but turned into a revolution Revolution an attempt to overthrow the existing political structure and put another type of political structure in its place Castro’s overthrow of Cuba Social Complexity the degree to which political roles institutions processes - are differentiated from or embedded within other social institutions power and authority are often embedded within kinship, economics and religion of non-industrial societies - whereas in our society they are not so embedded in these Social Differentiation The relative access individuals and groups have to basic material resources, wealth, power, and prestige our society often bases these upon our perception of talent, attractiveness or skill some societies do not recognize these inequalities and these distinctions do not affect access to resources as they often do in our society 3 types of social differentiation: 1. egalitarian societies 2. rank societies 3. stratified/state societies Egalitarian Soc...
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