An armed robber does not have authority but shehe

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Unformatted text preview: ve power Break into your groups and choose a leader. Discuss your choice and then present it to the class. What are the sources of the power of this leader? Political Ideology shared values and beliefs that legitimate power and authority in a particular society a political ideology may be widely shared throughout a society, though it may not be held by everyone ….maybe not all of you agreed with who should be the leader of your group – but you would have to go along with the ideology behind the choice if it was your group’s reality what are some examples of political ideologies?? One difference among types of political organization is the degree to which they rely on coercion or consensus to achieve social order. Political Process how groups and individuals use power and authority to achieve goals decisions and activities by groups and individuals may be motivated by what cultural/social factors? material profit prestige altruism survival usually justified by reference to the public good When a political ideology is not accepted by the majority, it can result in conflict. Two political processes involving conflict: Rebellion the...
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