E official titles ritual insignia and participation

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Unformatted text preview: al insignia, and participation in public rituals) agricultural labor was managed by the state to support the elites the state justified its control over the redistribution of wealth by promoting the value that the wealthy deserved to hold power reminding that redistribution benefited society Wealth and Power in the Asante State the state accepted only gold for payment of fines those who could not pay had to give land and laborers to the state (no credit) The Asante state demonstrates how the distribution and use of power interacts with other aspects of society the role of culture in maintaining and contesting the political status quo Political Organization Political organization is about power. it refers to the many different ways in which power is used in all societies this is for the purpose of maintaining themselves collectively over time How is the US’s political organization similar and different to that of the Asante State? Power and Authority Power the ability to exercise one’s will over others and cause people to take actions that they might not take otherwise Authority the socially approved use of power based on personal characteristics such as Honor Status Knowledge Ability Respect the holding of formal public office ex. an armed robber does not have authority but she/he does ha...
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