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Chapter 6 Administrative Law 1. How are administrative agencies created? 2. Why are administrative agencies created? 3. What do administrative agencies do? 4. Who appoints the heads of the agencies? For how long? 5. What is the difference between an independent regulatory agency and an executive agency? 6. Name some independent agencies. Name some executive agencies. 7. What is the delegation doctrine? 8. What is the APA (1946) 9. Describe the process by which an agency makes rules and regulations 10. Where is a final rule published? 11. What kinds of executive powers do agencies have? 12. Describe the adjudicative process. 13.
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Unformatted text preview: May an agency order be appealed? To which court? 14. What do we mean by “exhaustion of the administrative process”? 15. When will an agency decision be overruled? 16. Why do some people feel that agencies violate the “separation of powers” doctrine? 17. What is the Freedom of Information Act? 18. What is the Government-in-the-Sunshine Act? 19. What is the Regulatory Flexibility act? 20. What is the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act? 21. Do states have agencies? 22. What if a state rule or regulation conflicts with a federal agency rule or regulation?...
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