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Brian Federico Professor Olivier FS 111-003 Sept. 24th, 2006 Journal Write #4 Since starting here at Bentley, I have been the most surprised by my expenses for laundry and trips/shopping in and around Boston. A load of laundry costs $1.50 each for a wash and dry cycle, but one dry cycle is not enough, so it costs $4.50 to do each load of laundry. Doing once a week, and sometimes twice a week, is starting to add up. I have gone into Boston several times and I have learned that food is rather expensive and so is shopping for clothes. Traveling on the T is not too expensive, but if you miss the last run around Midnight, paying for a taxi ride back is pretty expensive. In October, there are a few things I can do to limit these expenses. I will be going home during the Columbus Day break, so I can save some of my laundry to bring home and clean at home. As for the trips to Boston, I can limit myself to only go in a couple
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Unformatted text preview: times a month when there is a concert or if I am going to visit friends and nearby colleges or universities. Also, I can make sure to manage my time when in Boston so that I do not miss the last T run and do not have to call for a taxi. Mission Statement and Goals : It is my mission to use the resources available to me throughout my four years at Bentley to gain as much information and knowledge as possible so that I can be happy and successful during my future career. My academic goals are to receive at least honors in all my classes and get onto some sort of academic achievement list. My career goals are to get a job at a known business company and to earn enough money to one day start my own business, which I can retire from early and pass on to my children and their children....
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