92 090 pipette grad cyl burette overall class average

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Unformatted text preview: Grad. Cyl. Burette Overall Class Average Density (g/ml) ± Standard Deviation Pipette Average Std. Dev. 0.9777882 0.162242 Coke Diet Coke 0.9841625 0.0610062 Sample Graduated Cylinder Burette Average Std. Dev. Average Std. Dev. 0.9251404 0.2158074 0.9991842 0.1577299 0.9584069 0.0578851 0.9957413 0.0349885 The values in this table are not necessarily reported to the correct number of significant digits! Consult your lecture notes or Experiment 1 hand-out to determine how many digits should be reported for the average and standard deviation in each case....
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