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D bind to laci and affect its structure so it can

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Unformatted text preview: to LacI and affect its structure so it can bind to the operator. (e) None of the above are correct. Question #66–69 (4 x 0.25 points) An E. coli mutant strain has the genotype lacI+ lacZ– lacY–. For each statement below specify whether it is true or false by marking (a) for true and (b) for false. This mutant: 66. Lacks the genes lacZ and lacY. 67. Can produce a functional regulator protein (LacI) for the lac operon. 68. Can import lactose when it is available in the environment. 69. Can synthesize lactose when absent from the environment Question #70 (1 point) The amino acid lysine is synthesized by a bacterium in a several-step pathway. The lys operon, lysABC, contains the genes lysA, lysB and lysC that code for the enzymes LysA, LysB and LysC. These 3 enzymes catalyze the synthesis of lysine by the cell. At a site distant from the lys operon, on the chromosome is the lysL gene expressing LysL constitutively. LysL changes conformation when bound to lysine. Which of the following is correct? (a) LysL binds to the lys operon’s operator in the absence of lysine in the environment. (...
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