To keep away from birdsphysical control scarecrows

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Unformatted text preview: ntrol Scarecrows Light reflected from CD disc 3. To Keep away from birdsPhysical control Nets to protect the crops 4. Methods to maintain soil structure Use of simple tools 5. Suitable irrigation method Over-irrigation may cause the problem of salinization in semi arid and arid area Drip irrigation can reduce the use of water- it is a type of precision farming method What are the costs of these farming methods? Higher food price -> more land area is required to produce food because: (1) The planting density is lower in organic farm (2) Some land are left fallowed Hindering factors of organic farming Discuss in a group of 4-5 girls about the factors hindering organic farm development Hint: you may consider the cost of production, the perception of farmers and the actual world demand for food...
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