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Allpeoplewereequal when a government fails to protect

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Unformatted text preview: away their rights. When a government fails to protect the people, the people can overthrow it. If you were one of the representatives in the Second Continental Congress, would you sign the American Declaration of Independence? Explain your answer. Yes – fought for independence, freed from absolute rule. No – means war against Britain, not loyal to Britain, traitors All human beings are born equal. No government can take away their rights. This stresses the principle of _____________ Which Enlightenment thinkers influenced the writers when they drafted the Declaration? All people were equal. When a government fails to protect the people, the people can overthrow it. This justifies the American colonists had the right to start _________________ . Which Enlightenment thinker encouraged people to do so? There is a ‘social contract’ between government and the people. The people have the right to overthrow any government which suppressed these rights. There was always a contract between the people and the king. When the king broke this contract and ruled with absolute power, the people had the right to set up a new government by overthrowing the old one. In the Treaty of Paris of 1783, Britain recognized the independence of the USA. It gave up land to the USA. A new government What kind of new government did the American want to have after their independence? A greater unity Why was it necessary to have greater unity? Political structure “Separation of Powers” is used. Congress It makes laws. People elect representatives to the Senate and the House of Representatives. Federal government It carries out government work. The people elect the President. Supreme Court It upholds the law. The Congress The Legislative Council of HK today The federal government The HK government today The Supreme Court The High Court of HK today To prevent absolute rule No one will have all the power. Bill of Rights: In 1791, guarantees of freedom were added to the Constitution of the USA. P. 20 Freedoms of religion, of the press, and of unlawful arrest and imprisonment by the government. What Enlightenment ideas had influenced the Americans when (a) they set up their new government? (b) they drafted the Bill of Rights? The new government Montesquieu’s idea – separation of powers The Bill of Rights John Locke’s idea ­ All people have basic natural rights of life, liberty and property. Voltaire He attacked oppression and religious intolerance in France. He said that people should have: freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom of religion the right to liberty and property...
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