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Unformatted text preview: “Mercantilism is unfair. Colonial rule is bad …” 1. What was the attitude of the American colonists towards the British new policy after the Seven Years’ War? Explain your answer with reference to the slides. Based on the figs on P.7, do you think what the American colonists did was right? Explain your answer. Based on the figs. on P.7 and the power point, do you agree to what the American colonists claimed for not accepting the Stamp Act, 1765 and the Townshend Act, 1767? Right They were influenced by the Enlightenment thinkers. They just fought their own rights and express their anger towards unreasonable rule Wrong They resorted to violence. They hurt people and destroyed properties. What they did brought chaos and instability to the American colonies. Agree According to the ideas of democracy, they should have a say in whether they should pay more tax after the Seven Years’ War. Britain should respect them. Not agree They were British subjects. They should obey their king in Britain Britain had defeated France. It was their responsibility as British subjects to pay for the war. In Boston in 1770, some people had conflicts with a group of British soldiers. Five people were killed. Boston Massacre A picture about the massacre by a Boston painter The soldiers were cruel to kill those unarmed American colonists. An official ordered the British soldiers to fire at the American colonists. It shows the official deliberately wanted to kill the American colonists cold bloodedly. Boston Massacre The picture shows an officer ordering to open fire. But this was not true. Many colonists believed that the British had coldbloodedly murdered their fellow people in Boston. 1. The British soldiers were asked not to fight 2. The American colonists attacked the British soldiers first. The soldiers fired on the American colonists in panic, without any order from the officer. 3. The American Colonists were not armless, they had clubs and stones. 4. An African American was shot He wanted to arouse hatred among the American colonists. In 1773, Britain allowed the East India Company to bring tea to th...
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