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They got onto british ships and threw the tea into

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Unformatted text preview: e colonies for sale . Boston Tea Party The East India Company could send tea directly from India to the American colonists. Britain gave this privilege to East India Company and other British company. But Britain had not given this privilege to the American colonists. Therefore they were angry. But why sending goods directly from one colony to another was a privilege? Boston Tea Party Radical Boston people disguised themselves as American Indians. They got onto British ships and threw the tea into the sea. Do you think what the American colonists did was right? Should they be punished? Right Against unreasonable rule Wrong Destroyed others’ property They disguised as native Americans Against inequality and unfairness They were highly irresponsible – shift the responsibilities to Show their the native Americans discontentment Yes, they had destroyed the property of the merchants of the East India Company. The British king punished them by closing their harbour. Why had to close their harbour? Would it be an effective way to gain back their loyalty? v=PBBTF0Wg7dY&feature=related More and more people believed that revolution was necessary. Pushing over the statue of a British king Overthrow the British king ­> overthrow the British rule Start a revolution –By using force to overthrow the British ruler Patrick Henry - a revolutionary leader - said in 1775: “Give me liberty or give me death.” He doesn’t mind if he has to die when he fights for liberty. It shows his determination to fight for freedom. That is to free the American colonies from British rule. The First Continental Congress in 1774: Britain had no right to force people to pay tax. The colonies would stop all trade with Britain. To the British To king, the colonists were rebels. rebels Place: Lexington Date: 1775 First armed conflict between the colonists and British soldiers The Second Continental Congress in 1775-76: The Declaration of Independence; founding of the USA (The 13 colonies became 13 states.) Date: July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence Signatures by representatives Main ideas of the declaration All human beings are born equal. No government can take...
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