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Unformatted text preview: s should be in logical orders, moving from easy to more difficult questions. 33 3. Questions should be short and simple. Technical terms and vague expressions capable of different interpretations should be avoided. 4. Questions fetching YES or NO answers are preferable. There may be some multiple choice questions requiring lengthy answers are to be avoided. 5. Personal questions and questions which require memory power and calculations should also be avoided. 6. Question should enable cross check. Deliberate or unconscious mistakes can be detected to an extent. 7. Questions should be carefully framed so as to cover the entire scope of the survey. 8. The wording of the questions should be proper without hurting the feelings or arousing resentment. 9. As far as possible confidential informations should not be sought. 10. Physical appearance should be attractive, sufficient space should be provided for answering each questions. 5. Schedules sent through Enumerators: Under this method enumerators or interviewers take the schedules, meet the informants and filling their replies. Often distinction is made between the schedule and a questionnaire. A schedule is filled by the interviewers in a face-to-face situation with the informant. A questionnaire is filled by the informant which he receives and returns by post. It is suitable for extensive surveys. Merits: 1. It can be adopted even if the informants are illiterates. 2. Answers for questions of personal and pecuniary nature can be collected. 3. Non-response is minimum as enumerators go personally and contact the informants. 4. The informations collected are reliable. The enumerators can be properly trained for the same. 5. It is most popular methods. Limitations: 1. It is the costliest method. 34 2. Extensive training is to be given to the enumerators for collecting correct and uniform informations. 3. Interviewing requires experience. Unskilled investigators are likely to fail in their work. Before the actual survey, a pilot surve...
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