3 statistical laws are not exact it is well known

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Unformatted text preview: any statistical enquiry. 3. Statistical laws are not exact: It is well known that mathematical and physical sciences are exact. But statistical laws are not exact and statistical laws are only approximations. Statistical conclusions are not universally true. They are true only on an average. 4. Statistics table may be misused: Statistics must be used only by experts; otherwise, statistical methods are the most dangerous tools on the hands of the inexpert. The use of statistical tools by the inexperienced and untraced persons might lead to wrong conclusions. Statistics can be easily misused by quoting wrong figures of data. As King says 8 5. aptly ‘ statistics are like clay of which one can make a God or Devil as one pleases’ . Statistics is only, one of the methods of studying a problem: Statistical method do not provide complete solution of the problems because problems are to be studied taking the background of the countries culture, philosophy or religion into consideration. Thus the statistical study should be supplemented by other evidences. Exercise – 1 I. Choose the best answer: 1. The origin of statistics can be traced to (a) State (b) Commerce (c) Economics (d) Industry. 2. ‘ Statistics may be called the science of counting’ is the definition given by (a) Croxton (b) A.L.Bowley (c) Boddington (d) Webster. II. Fill in the blanks: 3. In the olden days statistics was confined to only _______. 4.Classification and _______ are the two methods that are used to condense the data. 5. The analysis of time series and regression analysis plays an important role in _______. 6.______ is one of the statistical tool plays prominent role in agricultural experiments. III. Answer the following questions: 7. Write the definitions of statistics by A.L.Bowley. 8. What is the definitions of statistics as given by Croxton and Cowden. 9 9. Explain the four stages in statistics as defined by Croxton and Cowden. 10. Write the definition of statistics given by Horace Secrist. 11. Describ...
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