3 to analyse the process involved in observation and

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Unformatted text preview: define and describe sampling. 5. To analyse the basis of sampling. 6. To describe a variety of sampling methods. Statistical investigation is a comprehensive and requires systematic collection of data about some group of people or objects, describing and organizing the data, analyzing the data with 28 the help of different statistical method, summarizing the analysis and using these results for making judgements, decisions and predictions. The validity and accuracy of final judgement is most crucial and depends heavily on how well the data was collected in the first place. The quality of data will greatly affect the conditions and hence at most importance must be given to this process and every possible precautions should be taken to ensure accuracy while collecting the data. 3.2 Nature of data: It may be noted that different types of data can be collected for different purposes. The data can be collected in connection with time or geographical location or in connection with time and location. The following are the three types of data: 1. Time series data. 2. Spatial data 3. Spacio-temporal data. 3.2.1 Time series data: It is a collection of a set of numerical values, collected over a period of time. The data might have been collected either at regular intervals of time or irregular intervals of time. Example 1: The following is the data for the three types of expenditures in rupees for a family for the four years 2001,2002,2003,2004. Year 2001 Food 3000 Education 2000 Others 3000 Total 8000 2002 3500 3000 4000 10500 2003 4000 3500 5000 12500 2004 5000 5000 6000 16000 3.2.2 Spatial Data: If the data collected is connected with that of a place, then it is termed as spatial data. For example, the data may be 29 1. Number of runs scored by a batsman in different test matches in a test series at different places 2. District wise rainfall in Tamilnadu 3. Prices of silver in four metropolitan cities Example 2: The population of the southern states of India in 1991. State Population Tamilnadu 5,56,38,318 Andhra Pradesh 6,63,04,854 Karnataka 4,48,17,398 Kerala 2,...
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