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Unformatted text preview: ation (b) Mean deviation (c) Coefficient of variation (d) Range 2. Absolute sum of deviations is minimum from (a) Mode (b) Median (c) Mean (d) None of the above 186 3. In a distribution S.D = 6. All observation multiplied by 2 would give the result to S.D is (a) 12 (b)6 (c) 18 (d) 6 4. The mean of squared deviations about the mean is called (a) S.D (b) Variance (c) M.D (d) None 5. If the minimum value in a set is 9 and its range is 57, the maximum value of the set is (a) 33 (b) 66 (c) 48 (d) 24 6. Quartile deviation is equal to (a) Inter quartile range (b) double the inter quartile range (c) Half of the inter quartile range (d) None of the above 7. Which of the following measures is most affected by extreme values (a) S.D (b) Q.D (c) M.D (d) Range 8. Which measure of dispersion ensures highest degree of reliability? (a) Range (b) Mean deviation (c) Q.D (d) S.D 9. For a negatively skewed distribution, the correct inequality is (a) Mode < median (b) mean < median (c) mean < mode (d) None of the above 10. In case of positive skewed distribution, the extreme values lie in the (a) Left tail (b) right tail (c) Middle (d) any where II. Fill in the blanks: 11. Relative measure of dispersion is free from ___________ 12. ___________ is suitable for open end distributions. 13. The mean of absolute deviations from an average is called ________ 14. Variance is 36, the standard deviation is _________ 15. The standard deviation of the five observations 5, 5,5,5,5 is _________ 16. The standard deviation of 10 observation is 15. If 5 is added to each observations the vale of new standard deviation is ________ 17. The second central moment is always a __________ 187 18. If x = 50, mode = 48, σ = 20, the coefficient of skewness shall be _______ 19. In a symmetrical distribution the coefficient of skewness is _______ 20. If β2 = 3 the distribution is called ___________ III. Answer the following 21. What do you understand by dispersion? What purpose does a measure of dispersion ser...
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