Find the median value solution using empirical

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Unformatted text preview: ibution a) mean = median = mode b) mean = median = mode c) mean > median > mode d) mean< median < mode If modal value is not clear in a distribution , it can be ascertained by the method of a) grouping b) guessing c) summarizing d) trial and error Shoe size of most of the people in India is No. 7 . Which measure of central value does it represent ? a).mean b) second quartile c) eighth decile d) mode The middle value of an ordered series is called : a). 2nd quartile b) 5th decile c) 50th percentile d) all the above The variate values which divide a series (frequency distribution ) into ten equal parts are called : a). quartiles b) deciles c) octiles d) percentiles For percentiles, the total number of partition values are a) 10 b) 59 c) 100 d) 99 The first quartile divides a frequency distribution in the ratio a) 4 : 1 b) 1 :4 c) 3 : 1 d) 1 : 3 Sum of the deviations about mean is a) Zero b) minimum c) maximum d) one Histogram is useful to determine graphically the value of a) mean b) median c)mode d)all the above Median can be located graphically with the help of a) Histogram b) ogives c) bar diagram d) scatter diagram 135 14. 15. II 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Sixth deciles is same as a) median b) 50th percentile c) 60th percentile d) first quartile What percentage of values lies between 5th and 25th percentiles? a) 5% b) 20% c) 30% d) 75% Fill in the blanks: If 5 is subtracted from each observation of a set, then the mean of the observation is reduced by _________ The arithmetic mean of n natural numbers from 1 to n is___ Geometric mean cannot be calculated if any value of the set is _____________ Median is a more suited average for grouped data with ____ classes. 3rd quartile and _____ percentile are the same. III Answer the following questions: 21. What do you understand by measures of central tendency? 22. What are the desirable characteristics of a good measure of central tendency. 23. What is the object of an average? 24. Give two examples where (i)Geometric mean and(ii)Harmonic mean would be most suitable averages. 25. Define median .Discuss its advantages and disadvantages as an average. 26. The monthly income of ten families(in rupees) in a certain locality are given below. Family A...
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