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Unformatted text preview: ge of this method is that it is cheap and appropriate for extensive investigations. But it may not ensure accurate results because the correspondents are likely to be negligent, prejudiced and biased. This method is adopted in those cases where informations are to be collected periodically from a wide area for a long time. 32 4. Mailed questionnaire method: Under this method a list of questions is prepared and is sent to all the informants by post. The list of questions is technically called questionnaire. A covering letter accompanying the questionnaire explains the purpose of the investigation and the importance of correct informations and request the informants to fill in the blank spaces provided and to return the form within a specified time. This method is appropriate in those cases where the informants are literates and are spread over a wide area. Merits: 1. It is relatively cheap. 2. It is preferable when the informants are spread over the wide area. Limitations: 1. The greatest limitation is that the informants should be literates who are able to understand and reply the questions. 2. It is possible that some of the persons who receive the questionnaires do not return them. 3. It is difficult to verify the correctness of the informations furnished by the respondents. With the view of minimizing non-respondents and collecting correct information, the questionnaire should be carefully drafted. There is no hard and fast rule. But the following general principles may be helpful in framing the questionnaire. A covering letter and a self addressed and stamped envelope should accompany the questionnaire. The covering letter should politely point out the purpose of the survey and privilege of the respondent who is one among the few associated with the investigation. It should assure that the informations would be kept confidential and would never be misused. It may promise a copy of the findings or free gifts or concessions etc., Characteristics of a good questionnaire: 1. Number of questions should be minimum. 2. Question...
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