Number of workers in a factory production of articles

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Unformatted text preview: of finite number of units. Number of workers in a factory, production of articles in a particular day for a company are examples of finite population. The total number of units in a population is called population size. A population is said to be infinite if it has infinite number of units. For example the number of stars in the sky, the number of people seeing the Television programmes etc., 11 2.2.2 Census Method: Information on population can be collected in two ways – census method and sample method. In census method every element of the population is included in the investigation. For example, if we study the average annual income of the families of a particular village or area, and if there are 1000 families in that area, we must study the income of all 1000 families. In this method no family is left out, as each family is a unit. Population census of India: The population census of our country is taken at 10 yearly intervals. The latest census was taken in 2001. The first census was taken in 1871 – 72. [Latest population census of India is included at the end of the chapter.] 2.2.3 Merits and limitations of Census method: Mertis: 1. The data are collected from each and every item of the population 2. The results are more accurate and reliable, because every item of the universe is required. 3. Intensive study is possible. 4. The data collected may be used for various surveys, analyses etc. Limitations: 1. It requires a large number of enumerators and it is a costly method 2. It requires more money, labour, time energy etc. 3. It is not possible in some circumstances where the universe is infinite. 2.3 Sampling: The theory of sampling has been developed recently but this is not new. In our everyday life we have been using sampling theory as we have discussed in introduction. In all those cases we believe that the samples give a correct idea about the population. Most of our decisions are based on the examination of a few items that is sample studies. 12 2.3.1 Sample: Statisticians use the word sample to describe a porti...
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