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Unformatted text preview: wo-way Table: A table, which contains data on two characteristics, is called a twoway table. In such case, therefore, either stub or caption is divided into two co-ordinate parts. In the given table, as an example the caption may be further divided in respect of ‘ sex’ . This subdivision is shown in two-way table, which now contains two characteristics namely, occupation and sex. The umber of adults in a locality in respect of occupation and sex No. of Adults Occupation Total Male Female Total Manifold Table: Thus, more and more complex tables can be formed by including other characteristics. For example, we may further classify the caption sub-headings in the above table in respect of “marital status”, “ religion” and “socio-economic status” etc. A table ,which has more than two characteristics of data is considered as a manifold table. For instance , table shown below shows three characteristics namely, occupation, sex and marital status. No. of Adults Occupation M Male U Total M Total Female U Total Total Foot note: M Stands for Married and U stands for unmarried. 46 Manifold tables, though complex are good in practice as these enable full information to be incorporated and facilitate analysis of all related facts. Still, as a normal practice, not more than four characteristics should be represented in one table to avoid confusion. Other related tables may be formed to show the remaining characteristics Exercise - 3 I. Choose the best answer: 1.When the collected data is grouped with reference to time, we have a) Quantitative classification b) Qualitative classification c) Geographical Classification d) Chorological Classification 2. Most quantitative classifications are a) Chronological b) Geographical c) Frequency Distribution d) None of these 3.Caption stands for a) A numerical information b) The column headings c) The row headings d) The table headings 4. A simple table contains data on a) Two characteristics b) Several characteristics c) One characteristic d) Three characteristics 5. The h...
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