See appendix for the random number table procedure to

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Unformatted text preview: ed three by three to give the numbers from 001 to 100. [See Appendix for the random number table] Procedure to select a sample using random number table: Units of the population from which a sample is required are assigned with equal number of digits. When the size of the population is less than thousand, three digit number 000,001,002, … 999 are assigned. We may start at any place and may go on in .. any direction such as column wise or row- wise in a random number table. But consecutive numbers are to be used. On the basis of the size of the population and the random number table available with us, we proceed according to our 17 convenience. If any random number is greater than the population size N, then N can be subtracted from the random number drawn. This can be repeatedly until the number is less than N or equal to N. Example 1: In an area there are 500 families.Using the following extract from a table of random numbers select a sample of 15 families to find out the standard of living of those families in that area. 4652 9031 2030 0641 3819 7617 2327 1489 8431 1220 7353 0828 2150 4129 6007 0385 2352 7148 9410 8488 2472 1943 9179 0422 0043 4890 2722 7209 3488 1749 8445 4950 Solution: In the above random number table we can start from any row or column and read three digit numbers continuously row-wise or column wise. Now we start from the third row, the numbers are: 203 023 277 353 600 794 109 272 284 450 641 148 908 179 280 Since some numbers are greater than 500, we subtract 500 from those numbers and we rewrite the selected numbers as follows: 203 023 277 353 100 294 109 272 284 450 141 148 408 179 280 c) Random number selections using calculators or computers: Random number can be generated through scientific calculator or computers. For each press of the key get a new random numbers. The ways of selection of sample is similar to that of using random number table. 18 Merits of using random numbers: Merits: 1. Personal bias is eliminated as a selection depends s...
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