State population tamilnadu 55638318 andhra pradesh

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Unformatted text preview: 90,11,237 Pondicherry 7,89,416 3.2.3 Spacio Temporal Data: If the data collected is connected to the time as well as place then it is known as spacio temporal data. Example 3: Population State 1981 1991 Tamil Nadu 4,82,97,456 5,56,38,318 Andhra Pradesh 5,34,03,619 6,63,04,854 Karnataka 3,70,43,451 4,48,17,398 Kerala 2,54,03,217 2,90,11,237 Pondicherry 6,04,136 7,89,416 3.3 Categories of data: Any statistical data can be classified under two categories depending upon the sources utilized. These categories are, 1. Primary data 2. Secondary data 3.3.1 Primary data: Primary data is the one, which is collected by the investigator himself for the purpose of a specific inquiry or study. Such data is original in character and is generated by survey conducted by individuals or research institution or any organisation. 30 Example 4: If a researcher is interested to know the impact of noonmeal scheme for the school children, he has to undertake a survey and collect data on the opinion of parents and children by asking relevant questions. Such a data collected for the purpose is called primary data. The primary data can be collected by the following five methods. 1. Direct personal interviews. 2. Indirect Oral interviews. 3. Information from correspondents. 4. Mailed questionnaire method. 5. Schedules sent through enumerators. 1. Direct personal interviews: The persons from whom informations are collected are known as informants. The investigator personally meets them and asks questions to gather the necessary informations. It is the suitable method for intensive rather than extensive field surveys. It suits best for intensive study of the limited field. Merits: 1. People willingly supply informations because they are approached personally. Hence, more response noticed in this method than in any other method. 2. The collected informations are likely to be uniform and accurate. The investigator is there to clear the doubts of the informants. 3. Supplementary informations on informant’ s personal aspects can be noted. Informations on char...
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