The above definition seems to be the most

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Unformatted text preview: her. The above definition seems to be the most comprehensive and exhaustive. 1.5 Functions of Statistics: There are many functions of statistics. Let us consider the following five important functions. 1.5.1 Condensation: Generally speaking by the word ‘ to condense’ , we mean to reduce or to lessen. Condensation is mainly applied at embracing the understanding of a huge mass of data by providing only few observations. If in a particular class in Chennai School, only marks in an examination are given, no purpose will be served. Instead if we are given the average mark in that particular examination, definitely it serves the better purpose. Similarly the range of marks is also another measure of the data. Thus, Statistical measures help to reduce the complexity of the data and consequently to understand any huge mass of data. 3 1.5.2 Comparison: Classification and tabulation are the two methods that are used to condense the data. They help us to compare data collected from different sources. Grand totals, measures of central tendency measures of dispersion, graphs and diagrams, coefficient of correlation etc provide ample scope for comparison. If we have one group of data, we can compare within itself. If the rice production (in Tonnes) in Tanjore district is known, then we can compare one region with another region within the district. Or if the rice production (in Tonnes) of two different districts within Tamilnadu is known, then also a comparative study can be made. As statistics is an aggregate of facts and figures, comparison is always possible and in fact comparison helps us to understand the data in a better way. 1.5.3 Forecasting: By the word forecasting, we mean to predict or to estimate before hand. Given the data of the last ten years connected to rainfall of a particular district in Tamilnadu, it is possible to predict or forecast the rainfall for the near future. In business also forecasting plays a dominant role in connection with production, sales, prof...
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