The regression coefficient explains that the decrease

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Unformatted text preview: n Regression Regression means 1. Correlation is the relationship going back and it is a between two or more variables, which vary in sympathy with the mathematical measure other in the same or the opposite showing the average relationship between direction. two variables 2. Both the variables X and Y are Here X is a random random variables variable and Y is a fixed variable. Sometimes both the variables may be random variables. It indicates the causes 3. It finds out the degree of and effect relationship relationship between two between the variables variables and not the cause and and establishes effect of the variables. functional relationship. 236 4. It is used for testing and verifying the relation between two variables and gives limited information. 5. The coefficient of correlation is a relative measure. The range of relationship lies between –1 and +1 6. There may be spurious correlation between two variables. It has limited application, because it is confined only to linear relationship between the variables. 7. 8. It is not very useful for further mathematical treatment. 9. If the coefficient of correlation is positive, then the two variables are positively correlated and vice-versa. Besides verification it is used for the prediction of one value, in relationship to the other given value. Regression coefficient is an absolute figure. If we know the value of the independent variable, we can find the value of the dependent variable. In regression there is no such spurious regression. It has wider application, as it studies linear and nonlinear relationship between the variables. It is widely used for further mathematical treatment. The regression coefficient explains that the decrease in one variable is associated with the increase in the other variable. Exercise – 9 I. Choose the correct answer: 1. When the correlation coefficient r = +1, then the two regression lines a) are perpendicular to each other b) coincide c) are parallel to each other d) none of these 237 2. If...
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