Types of classification statistical data are

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Unformatted text preview: ct of their characteristics. Broadly there are four basic types of classification namely a) Chronological classification b) Geographical classification c) Qualitative classification d) Quantitative classification a) Chronological classification: In chronological classification the collected data are arranged according to the order of time expressed in years, months, weeks, etc., The data is generally classified in ascending order of 38 time. For example, the data related with population, sales of a firm, imports and exports of a country are always subjected to chronological classification. Example 5: The estimates of birth rates in India during 1970 – 76 are Year 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 Birth 36.8 36.9 36.6 34.6 34.5 35.2 34.2 Rate b) Geographical classification: In this type of classification the data are classified according to geographical region or place. For instance, the production of paddy in different states in India, production of wheat in different countries etc., Example 6: Country America Yield of wheat in 1925 (kg/acre) China Denmark France India 893 225 862 439 c) Qualitative classification: In this type of classification data are classified on the basis of same attributes or quality like sex, literacy, religion, employment etc., Such attributes cannot be measured along with a scale. For example, if the population to be classified in respect to one attribute, say sex, then we can classify them into two namely that of males and females. Similarly, they can also be classified into ‘ employed’ or ‘ unemployed’ on the basis of another attribute ‘ employment’ . Thus when the classification is done with respect to one attribute, which is dichotomous in nature, two classes are formed, one possessing the attribute and the other not possessing the attribute. This type of classification is called simple or dichotomous classification. A simple classification may be shown as under 39 Population Male Female The classification, where two or more attributes are considered and several classes are formed, is called a manifold classification. For example, if we classify population simultaneously wit...
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