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Unskilled investigators are likely to fail in their

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Unformatted text preview: y is conducted. The questionnaire/Schedule is pre-tested in a pilot survey. A few among the people from whom actual information is needed are asked to reply. If they misunderstand a question or find it difficult to answer or do not like its wordings etc., it is to be altered. Further it is to be ensured that every questions fetches the desired answer. Merits and Demerits of primary data: 1. The collection of data by the method of personal survey is possible only if the area covered by the investigator is small. Collection of data by sending the enumerator is bound to be expensive. Care should be taken twice that the enumerator record correct information provided by the informants. 2. Collection of primary data by framing a schedules or distributing and collecting questionnaires by post is less expensive and can be completed in shorter time. 3. Suppose the questions are embarrassing or of complicated nature or the questions probe into personnel affairs of individuals, then the schedules may not be filled with accurate and correct information and hence this method is unsuitable. 4. The information collected for primary data is mere reliable than those collected from the secondary data. 3.3.2 Secondary Data: Secondary data are those data which have been already collected and analysed by some earlier agency for its own use; and later the same data are used by a different agency. According to W.A.Neiswanger, ‘ A primary source is a publication in which the data are published by the same authority which gathered and analysed them. A secondary source is a publication, reporting the data which have been gathered by other authorities and for which others are responsible’ . 35 Sources of Secondary data: In most of the studies the investigator finds it impracticable to collect first-hand information on all related issues and as such he makes use of the data collected by others. There is a vast amount of published information from which statistical studies may be made and fresh statistics are constantly in a state of production. The sources of secondary data can broadly be classified under two heads: 1. Published source...
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