Project finance manager in large firms arranges

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Unformatted text preview: s proposed asset investments. May be involved in the financial aspects of implementing approved investments. Project finance manager In large firms, arranges financing for approved asset investments. Coordinates consultants, investment bankers, and legal counsel. Cash manager Maintains and controls the firm’s daily cash balances. Frequently manages the firm’s cash collection and disbursement activities and short-term investments; coordinates short-term borrowing and banking relationships. Credit analyst/manager Administers the firm’s credit policy by evaluating credit applications, extending credit, and monitoring and collecting accounts receivable. Pension fund manager In large companies, oversees or manages the assets and liabilities of the employees’ pension fund. Foreign exchange manager Manages specific foreign operations and the firm’s exposure to fluctuations in exchange rates. cial decision-making process will be better able to address financial concerns and will therefore more often get the resources they need to attain their own goals. The “Across the Disciplines” element that appears on each chapter-opening page should help you understand some of the many interactions between managerial finance and other business careers. As you study this text, you will learn about the career opportunities in managerial finance, which are briefly described in Table 1.3. Although this text focuses on publicly held profit-seeking firms, the principles presented here are equally applicable to private and not-for-profit organizations. The decision-making principles developed in this text can also be applied to personal financial decisions. I hope that this first exposure to the exciting field of finance will provide the foundation and initiative for further study and possibly even a future career. Review Questions 1–1 1–2 1–3 1–4 1–5 1–6 What is finance? Explain how this field affects the lives of everyone and every organization. What is the financial services area of finance? Describe the field of managerial fin...
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