Leading the internet initiative was cfo andy bryant

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Unformatted text preview: ading the Internet initiative was CFO Andy Bryant, whose responsibilities were expanded to include enterprise services. Bryant was an unlikely choice to lead the company’s transformation, because he was skeptical about the value of e-commerce. He quickly changed his tune when he learned that Intel receives over one-quarter of its orders after hours. The flexibility of online ordering added value for customers. Intel has launched more than 300 e-business projects since 1998. In 2001, the company generated 90 percent of its revenue—$31.4 billion—from e-commerce transactions. Ironically, Bryant’s skepticism about e-commerce turned out to be a good thing. He developed methods to analyze e-business proposals to make sure they added value to the company, applying rigorous financial discipline and monitoring returns on investment. “Every project has an ROI,” Bryant says. “It isn’t always positive, but you still have to measure what you put in and what you get back.” The difficulty comes in deciding...
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