Like most companies intel already had expertise in

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Unformatted text preview: what to measure—and how. Like most companies, Intel already had expertise in evaluating new manufacturing facilities and other capital projects. But technology projects also have intangible benefits that aren’t easily quantified. One of Bryant’s challenges was formalizing financial accountability for e-business applications. The company’s track record has been quite good so far. E-business projects have reduced costs in many areas. For example, an electronic accounts payable (A/P) system was devised to take over many routine transactions so that employees could focus on analysis. Bryant estimates that the present value of this project’s cash inflows, less the initial investment, is $8 million. And the company no longer misses opportunities to take advantage of discounts for prompt payments. Like Intel, every firm must evaluate the costs and returns of projects for expansion, asset replacement or renewal, research and development, advertising, and other areas that require long-term commitments of...
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