The firm is subject to a 40 tax rate on both ordinary

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Unformatted text preview: machine were sold to net (1) $9,000 or (2) $170,000 (before taxes) at the end of 5 years. d. Discuss the effect of sale price on terminal cash flow using your findings in part c. LG6 8–21 Terminal cash flow—Replacement decision Russell Industries is considering replacing a fully depreciated machine that has a remaining useful life of 10 years with a newer, more sophisticated machine. The new machine will cost $200,000 and will require $30,000 in installation costs. It will be depreciated under MACRS using a 5-year recovery period (see Table 3.2 on page 100 for the applicable depreciation percentages). A $25,000 increase in net working capital will be required to support the new machine. The firm’s managers plans to evaluate the potential replacement over a 4-year period. They estimate that the old machine could be sold at the end of 4 years to net $15,000 before taxes; the new machine at the end of 4 years will be worth $75,000 before taxes. Calculate the terminal cash flow at the end of year 4 that is relevant to the pro...
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