The right it applications they claim can save

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Unformatted text preview: and improve operational efficiencies. The right IT applications, they claim, can save millions in operating costs. Financial managers, on the other hand, struggle to control capital spending while at the same time approving projects that boost the company’s competitive position. Although some of these projects involve the latest hardware and software, many more now focus on leveraging the firm’s investment in existing technology by centralizing technology services, integrating the different parts of a company’s information systems, and making similar improvements. E-business projects are also on the rise and now account for an average of 15.5 percent of the total IT budget. With so much at stake in terms of dollars spent and potential benefits, managers must create a business case that justifies the project and shows how it adds value—no easy task. In addition to measuring dollar benefits that appear on the firm’s income statement, they must attempt to quantify indirect and qualitative benefits. This may be straightforward for transactional...
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