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Unformatted text preview: usiness,” Business Finance (September 2001), downloaded from; Sam Greengard, “IT: Luxury or Necessity?” Industry Week (December 1, 2001), downloaded from www.; and Ivy McLemore, “High Stakes Game,” Business Finance (May 1999), downloaded from Independent versus Mutually Exclusive Projects independent projects Projects whose cash flows are unrelated or independent of one another; the acceptance of one does not eliminate the others from further consideration. mutually exclusive projects Projects that compete with one another, so that the acceptance of one eliminates from further consideration all other projects that serve a similar function. unlimited funds The financial situation in which a firm is able to accept all independent projects that provide an acceptable return. The two most common types of projects are (1) independent projects and (2) mutually exclusive projects. Independent projects are those whose cash flows are unrelated or independent of one another; th...
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