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2 33 manufacturing industries books dairy products

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Unformatted text preview: g types 60.4 2.4 Wines & distilled alcoholic beverages 69.7 4.4 Women’s, misses’ & juniors’ dresses 53.5 2.4 Furniture 69.4 3.0 General groceries 66.8 2.8 Men’s and boys’ clothing 60.8 2.6 Wholesaling industries Retailing industries Autos, new and used 76.1 1.4 Department stores 52.8 2.3 Restaurants 92.5 2.3 Service industries Accounting, auditing, bookkeeping 68.4 5.6 Advertising agencies 81.3 4.2 Auto repair—general 75.9 2.5 Insurance agents and brokers 94.1 4.1 Source: RMA Annual Statement Studies, 2001–2002 (fiscal years ended 4/1/00 through 3/31/01) (Philadelphia: Robert Morris Associates, 2001). Copyright © 2001 by Robert Morris Associates. Note: Robert Morris Associates recommends that these ratios be regarded only as general guidelines and not as absolute industry norms. No claim is made as to the representativeness of these figures. The level of debt (financial leverage) that is acceptable for one industry or line of business can be highly risky in another, because different industries and lines of bu...
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