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Define options and discuss calls and puts options

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Unformatted text preview: discuss calls and puts, options markets, options trading, the role of call and put options in fund-raising, and hedging foreign-currency exposures with options. Across the Disciplines WHY THIS CHAPTER MATTERS TO YO U Accounting: You need to understand the types of leasing arrangements and the general features of convertible securities, stock purchase warrants, and options, which you will be required to record and report. financing tools is a good decision for the firm. You also need to understand the impact of call and put options on the firm. Information systems: You need to understand types of leasing arrangements and of convertible securities in order to design systems that will track data used to make lease-or-purchase and conversion decisions. Marketing: You need to understand leasing because you may want to propose that the firm lease equipment as part of a new project proposal. You also should understand the use of derivative securities as a cost-effective way to add to the marketability of securities and thus provide more funds for new projects. Management: You need to...
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