The option to sell 100 shares of carlisle inc at any

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Unformatted text preview: striking price of $45 can be purchased for $380. The stock of Carlisle is currently selling for $46 per share. a. Ignoring any brokerage fees or dividends, what profit or loss will Ed make if he buys the option, and the lowest price of Carlisle, Inc., stock during the 90 days is $46, $44, $40, and $35? b. What effect would the fact that the price of Carlisle’s stock slowly rose from its initial $46 level to $55 at the end of 90 days have on Ed’s purchase? c. In light of your findings, discuss the potential risks and returns from using put options to attempt to profit from an anticipated decline in share price. Financing L. Rashid Company’s Chemical Waste Disposal System L. Rashid Company, a rapidly growing chemical processor, needs to raise $3 million in external funds to finance the acquisition of a new chemical waste disposal system. After carefully analyzing alternative financing sources, Denise McMahon, the firm’s vice president of finance, reduced the financing possibilities to three alternatives: (1) debt, (2) debt with warrants, and (3) a financial lease. The key terms of each of these financing alternatives follow. Debt The firm can...
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