The speed and simplicity of online application and

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Unformatted text preview: processing have proved attractive to the firm’s customers, who like having an alternative to cash purchases. Likewise, using online lease applications has proved beneficial to Computer Connection of New 681 In Practice York (CCNY) for its small-ticket leases. “It’s a win–win solution,” said Scott Fluty, CEO of CCNY. “Our customers get approvals at the point-of-sale, an easy online application, and low monthly payments; we get an automated process that helps to generate income and improve our cash flow.” In addition, the funding network associated with the application increases the chances that customers will secure lease approval at competitive, risk-adjusted prices. For the vendor, the system also speeds payment. Sources: “Auspex Adds Online Lease Financing Option for Its Enterprise File Servers,” PRNewswire (August 2, 2001); and “Key Equipment Vendors Accelerate Customers’ Lease Transactions with Ampent Platform,” Business Wire (July 11, 2001), downloaded from Jeffrey Company, a...
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