Why d graph the straight value and conversion value

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Unformatted text preview: and conversion value of the bond for each common stock price given. Plot the per-share common stock prices on the x axis and the bond values on the y axis. Use this graph to indicate the minimum market value of the bond associated with each common stock price. LG5 16–14 Implied prices of attached warrants Calculate the implied price of each warrant for each of the bonds shown in the following table. Bond Price of bond with warrants attached Par value A $1,000 $1,000 B 1,100 1,000 C 500 500 D 1,000 1,000 Coupon interest rate (paid annually) 12 % Interest rate on equal-risk straight bond Years to maturity Number of warrants attached to bond 13% 15 10 12 10 30 10 11 20 5 11 12 20 20 9.5 CHAPTER 16 Hybrid and Derivative Securities 705 LG5 16–15 Evaluation of the implied price of an attached warrant Dinoo Mathur wishes to determine whether the $1,000 price asked for Stanco Manufacturing’s bond is fair in light of the theoretical value of the attached warrants. The $1,000-par, 30-year, 11.5%-coupon-interest-rate bond pays annua...
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