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Heritability of iq scores is 60 to 80 in adults 60 to

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Unformatted text preview: ure) Yep…a Yep…a good chunk of it is. Heritability of IQ scores is .60 to .80 in adults, (60% to 80% of differences in IQ are due to genetics) IQ scores of Identical Twins Raised in Different Environments are are more highly correlated (.72) than scores of Fraternal Twins Raised Together (.62) (Contribution of genetics overshadows the contribution of shared environment) IQ scores of NonNon-Twin Siblings are more correlated (.47) than IQ scores of Adopted, but Unrelated Siblings (.30) (Again, the contribution of genetics beats the contribution of shared environment.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Prenatal Care Nutrition during childhood. Exposure to toxins (e.g., lead paint) Family Stress Degree of mental stimulation in childhood (all these things are associated with poverty) WHAT DO IQ TESTS MEASURE? ONE PART INNATE MENTAL ABILITY + ONE PART THE QUALITY OF ONE’S EXPERIENCES WHAT DO IQ TESTS MEASURE? Culturally-Biased Questions are only part of the problem. IQ Scores measure exposure to environments that IQ fo...
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  • Fall '13
  • DougAlards-Tomalin
  • Intelligence quotient, Analytical Intelligence, Triarchic theory of intelligence, Robert Sternberg, IQ scores

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