It is the social environment that is unfair not the

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Unformatted text preview: ster learning and mental development. IT IS THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT THAT IS UNFAIR, NOT THE TESTS. BEYOND IQ IQ scores do correlate with success in life as predicted by amount of education, income, etc. …yet, even some people with off the charts IQ fail miserably in this regard and the difference appears to be motivation… Lewis Terman Top 100 most successful “Termites” had an average IQ that was identical to the least successful 100. BEYOND IQ The Role of Cultural Attitudes and Beliefs 96% of Chinese and 90% of Japanese children have higher math scores than the average North American child YET, ENVIRONMENT FAVOURS THE N. A. KIDS (Chinese students have higher class sizes and poorer facilities) AND IQ IS ABOUT EQUAL FOR N. A. AND CHINESE KIDS The Role of Cultural Beliefs and Attitudes What Accounts for these differences in Math Ability? 1. 1. 2. 3. The Chinese culture treats math skill as acquired through EFFORT, while N. A. culture assumes that it is INNATE. In general, Chinese parents set HIGHER STANDARDS for children’s academic performance Asian students VALUE education and academic performance more than North American children do Psychometric Approach It is one general, innate ability that varies from one person to the next – a person’s...
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  • Fall '13
  • DougAlards-Tomalin
  • Intelligence quotient, Analytical Intelligence, Triarchic theory of intelligence, Robert Sternberg, IQ scores

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