Kristjansson biermann zorin scanning shapes digital

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Unformatted text preview: etric curves Modeling Voxels Alternative representations Blobs Subdivision surfaces Modeling Altering geometric models Affine transform Ying, Kristjansson, Biermann, Zorin Scanning Shapes Digital Michaelangelo Project Plant Modeling Plant Modeling Illumination Rendering Key elements Camera Pixels Camera Model Geometric Shape & Reflectance Rendering Draw visible surfaces onto display Camera (view direction) Clipping Image Plane Camera (eye position) Reflectance Modeling Scan Conversion Complex Reflectance Subsurface Scattering Translucency and varied levels of light penetration can be created using subsurface scattering effects Texture Multilevel texture synthesis Non-Photorealistic Rendering Aaron Hertzmann Rendering: Information Animation Keyframe animation Keyframing Animation Pixar: “Luxo Jr.” (1986) Animation Motion capture Animating Golem in LOTR Animation The Animatrix – “Final Flight of the Osiris” Animation Example: “Geri’s Game” - Pixar Cloth Simulation Dynamics Animation Physics-based animation Fluid Simulation Modeling • Incompressibility • Viscocity Navier-Stokes Equations u 0 u 1 v (u) (u )u p g t Level Sets u : fluid velocity field g : gravity p: pressure v : viscosity : density Smoke Simulation Assumptions • No viscosity Rendering • Photon maps • Multiple scattering u 0 u 1 (u )u p f t u : smoke velocity field f : external forces p: pressure : density Animation Behavioral animation Ethology Reality is *Very* Complex Reality is *Very* Complex Great! But what are we going to do? Learn the mathematical basics of graphics Apply them in 3 programming assignments Show that you know them in 2 exams Summary of the Syllabus Rendering Modeling Animation (Interaction) (Hardware) Math Math Linear (vector/matrix) algebra Coordinate systems Geometry • Points, lines, planes Affine transformations Projection transformations More geometry • Curves, surfaces Comments From Previous Courses • Lots of (dry) math! • A lot of material • Fast pace • A lot of programming • Toug...
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