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Unformatted text preview: US • By 2000, there were 400 million users, 31% of which were in the US • Right now only about 10% of users are in LDCs, but that is expected to increase rapidly Government Control of Government Control of Television • In US, most stations are owned by corporations that receive licenses from the gov. (make profits by selling advertisements) – Some stations are owned by nonprofits or local gov. and are used for educational programs • This pattern is found in Western hemisphere countries, but is rare in the rest of the World • In most developed countries broadcasting is done by a public corporation or a public­private partnership continued continued • In Canada, the CBC receives gov. grants, and in Britain (BBC) and Japan (NHK) the broadcasting company gets a license fee from TV owners – Independence from gov. interference is guaranteed in their charters • In LDCs, direct management of TV is done through a gov. agency – True in China, India, and many other countries in Asia, and Africa • They censor TV to make sure programs will not contradict gov. policies Reduced Government Control Reduced Government Control • Television signal...
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