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Unformatted text preview: clothing habits often reflect occupations rather than particular environments • Businessmen wear different clothes than factory workers • Higher income is also a big influence on clothing in MDCs – Women’s clothing styles change every year • Therefore, they update their wardrobe more often if they can afford it Popular Food Customs Popular Food Customs • Consumption of large quantities of alcoholic bev. and snack foods are characteristic of popular societies – Regional differences are based upon what is produced locally and cultural backgrounds (esp. religion) Role of Television in Diffusing Role of Television in Diffusing Popular Culture Television is an important pop. Custom for 2 reasons 1. Most popular leisure activity in MDCs 2. Most important mechanism by which knowledge of popular culture is rapidly diffused across Earth • Diffusion of Television and Internet Diffusion of Television and Internet • In 1954 the US had 86% of TVs in the World, UK 9%, USSR 2%, Canada 2%, and the remainder were divided among Cuba, Mexico, France, and Brazil • By 1970 rapid growth in ownership in Europe brought the US % down to 25% – Half the world still had little or no broadcasting (Africa and Asia) continued continued continued continued • Diffusion of the internet followed a similar pattern, just at a much faster pace • 1995, 25 million of the 40 million internet users in the World were in the...
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