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Unformatted text preview: nvironment • Environmental determinism – Belief that physical environment caused all human activities • Not accepted as true today –possibilism • Environment is only one of several controls over social customs continued continued • Customs such as provision of food, clothing , and shelter are clearly influenced by the climate, soil, and vegetation of a place • Folk cultures are particularly influenced by the environment because they lack technology to overcome it • Broad differences in folk culture arise in part due to physical conditions • Food and shelter can be used to demonstrate the influence of cultural values and the environment on the development of folk culture Distinctive Food Preferences Distinctive Food Preferences • Folk food habits derive from the environment • We eat plants and animals that live and grow in the areas we live • In areas where cooking fuel is scarce, cultures come up with clever ways to use the food without much cooking • Terroir­ the contribution of a location’s distinctive physical features to the way food tastes – often used to describe wine • How the soil and climate effect the taste of wine grown in certain regions continued continued • Food customs are also influenced by cultural values • Ethnicity and religious beliefs effect what people eat • F...
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