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Unformatted text preview: ually spreads thru hierarchical diffusion • In the US the nodes would be Hollywood, and Madison Avenue in NYC – Diffuses rapidly because of modern communication and transportation • Folk culture is transmitted more slowly thru relocation diffusion (product of migration) – Hip hop considered pop rather than folk because it diffuses thru electronics The Amish: Relocation Diffusion of The Amish: Relocation Diffusion of Folk Culture • Have distinctive clothing, farming, and religious practices • Leave a distinctive mark on the cultural landscape • First came to US in 1700s, most to Penn., but also to OH, IL, and Iowa • Diffused slowly to other parts of the US in search of cheap farmland • Now have distinctive settlements in 17 states Sports: Hierarchical Diffusion of Sports: Hierarchical Diffusion of Popular Culture • Unfortunately and inexplicably , soccer is the World’s most popular sport • Early form originated around the eleventh century in England • Changed from folk culture to popular culture in the 1800s • Clubs were founded by factories and churches to provide recreation for workers continued continued • 1863 rules were standardized in Great Britain and soccer became a part of pop. Culture • Soccer was exported to Europe in 1870 and later to parts of the British Empire • All organized spectator sports are part of pop. Culture today Isolation Promotes Cultural Isolation Promotes Cultural Diversity • Folk customs develop through centuries of relative isolation from customs practiced by other groups – Ex. Himalayan Art • Read about it p. 120 Influence of the Physical Influence of the Physical E...
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