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Unformatted text preview: use types popular in 18th and 19th centuries • Can be found in Great Lakes Region today Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic • Major type known as an “I­house” – 2 stories with gables on the sides – Only one room deep and at least two rooms wide • Found in the Ohio Valley and in the Midwest Lower Chesapeake Lower Chesapeake • Also known as Tidewater style • Typically one story with a steep roof and chimneys at either end • Spread down the SE coast • Houses in wet areas were often built on piers to raise it above possible flooding Why is Popular Culture Widely Why is Popular Culture Widely Distributed? • Pop culture varies more in time than in place because it diffuses rapidly to places with a sufficiently high level of economic development to acquire the material possessions associated with pop culture Diffusion of Popular Housing Diffusion of Popular Housing Housing styles built since the 940s demonstrate how popular customs vary more in time than in place • Since the end of WWII two architectural styles have dominated in the US 1. Modern (1945­60) 2. Neo­eclectic (since 1960) • Modern House Styles Modern House Styles • Specific types of modern house styles were popular at different times • Late 1940s and early 1950s minimal transitional was the dominant style • Late 50s into the 60s the ranch style house dominated • Between the 50s and 70s the split­level become popular Neo­Eclectic House Styles Neo­Eclectic House Styles • Become popular in the 60s and passes modern styles in the 70s Rapid Diffusion of Clothing Styles Rapid Diffusion of Clothing Styles • In MDCs...
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