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Sacredwallsorcorners inpartsofchinathenwwallissacred

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Unformatted text preview: ood taboos exist in many religions • A restriction on behavior imposed by a social custom – Ex. Muslims and Jews don’t eat pork – Just so happens that pigs are suited to live on the Arabian peninsula and is not suited for pastoral societies of Eastern Med. Sea continued continued • Food attractions also exist – Often thought to enhance desirable qualities • Ex. Aphrodisiacs – Rhino horn powder, Spanish Fly, chocolate Folk Housing Folk Housing • Folk housing is a product of cultural tradition and natural conditions • Obviously, building materials are influenced by what is available in the surrounding environment • Size and number of windows, and the pitch of the roof are often environmental concerns as well continued continued • Form of some houses might reflect religious values – Ex. Sacred walls or corners • In parts of China the NW wall is sacred • In Madagascar furniture arrangement in the home is influenced by religious values US Folk House Forms US Folk House Forms • • • 1. 2. 3. Older houses in US display local folk­culture traditions As people moved west, they built homes similar to where they came from on the East Coast 3 major hearths of folk home forms in US New England Middle Atlantic Lower Chesapeake New England New England • 4 major ho...
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