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Unformatted text preview: s are only good for about 60 miles • In the past, few people could actually pick up broadcasts from other countries • Cable and Satellite have made TV a force for political change • Many Asian countries try to keep their citizens form obtaining dishes – Dishes hastened the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe as more Western programs were able Why Does the Globalization of Why Does the Globalization of Popular Culture Cause Problems? • 1. 2. 2 major problems Threatens thesurvival of folk culture Pop culture may be less responsive to the diversity of local environments and consequently may generate adverse environmental impacts Threat to Folk Culture Threat to Folk Culture • When people turn from folk culture to popular culture they sometimes turn away from traditional values as well • Can lead to dominance of Western Perspectives Loss of Traditional Values Loss of Traditional Values • Urban people in many African and Asian countries have adopted Western clothing – It has been adopted a sign of success • Causes problems in many Middle Eastern countries who do not want Western influence • Diffusion of pop. Culture also threatens the subservience of women to men that is embedded in many folk customs continued continued • Taliban in Afghanistan did not allow women to attend school, work outside the home, or drive a car—also could not leave the home without a male (relative) escort • Pop. Culture has brought ideas of legal equality and economic and social opportunities to many LDCs ...
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