CIV300 Test 1 Solutions to Post -Fall 2013(2)

1 water evaporates from the ocean absorbing lots of

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Unformatted text preview: 1029 W/m2 / 4 pi (1x1012)2 =45.9x103 W/m2 Step 3 The planet then ‘sees’ this amount spread over its ‘shadow’ So 45.9x103 x pi r2 where r is the planet’s radius = 45.9x103 W/m2 x pi x (5x106)2 = 3.6 x 1018W Step 4 We then divide this by the planet’s surface area So 3.6 x 1018W / 4 x pi x (5x106)2 = 11.5 x 103 W/m2 CIV300 Terrestrial Energy Systems, Fall 2013 Test 1 Question Sheet 4 3. Water vapour plays a significant role in our atmosphere. Name and describe three ways in which this water vapour influences our Earth’s energy balance. 1. Water evaporates from the ocean, absorbing lots of energy and retaining it as latent heat which can then fall as rain 2. Water vapour in the form of clouds absorb incoming radiation 3. Water vapour in the form of clouds absorbs radiation emitted from the surface of the earth, preventing it escaping 4. Water vapour in the clouds radiates energy back to earth 5. Water vapour in the clouds radiates energy back to space 6. Clouds reflect inco...
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