CIV300 Test 1 Solutions to Post -Fall 2013(2)

On the day of a new moon no moon can be seen the moon

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Unformatted text preview: CIV300 Terrestrial Energy Systems, Fall 2013 Test 1 Question Sheet 2 ANS: A 8. On the day of a new moon, no moon can be seen. The moon is: (a) Behind the sun (b) Between the sun and the Earth (c) behind the Earth (d) Perpendicular to the line between the sun and the Earth (e) None of the above ANS: B 9. What is the maximum angle of elevation of the sun at noon in London (latitude 51ºN) if at that time it is directly overhead at the equator? (a) 51º (b) 23.5º (c) 90º (d) 49º (e) 39º ANS: E 10. Sea water varies both in temperature and in salinity in various parts of the Earth’s oceans at various times of the year. Di...
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